Wild Forest is created on the Unity game engine. Being one of the most popular cross-platform engines, Unity covers all our technical needs and allows us to develop and scale the game:
Quick cross-platform porting. Unity now supports over 25 different platforms, which perfectly covers our goal to build a cross-platform game, from Android and iOS to consoles and the web.
Performance and scaling. Unity services are tested and adopted by the largest games and studios, which ensures easy and quick scaling without compromising quality and game performance.
Top-quality 3D graphics. Unity supports high-quality 3D game graphics and dominates more than half of the mobile gaming market with the best possible graphics quality.
Understanding players' needs. Built-in Unity analytics helps us understand players' behavior and track and monitor it. With real-time data and insightful dashboards, we aim to constantly improve the players' experience and build the features our players need the most.
Smooth multiplayer experience. Unity is designed to connect players at scale, even for fast-growing multi-platform and cross-platform games. Having Clan activities as a crucial part of the game, we rely on the properly built multiplayer systems.
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