Meet Wild Forest

Wild Forest is a single-screen RTS where players compete with each other in a fast-paced PvP battle. Players capture the territories, build structures and armies and try to destroy the main base each other. In the battle, players use the Units and Spells from up to 7 cards in the Deck. Each card is different and has its type, stats, and abilities. Collecting card metagame opens up multiple strategic and tactical opportunities and unpredictable gameplay scenarios. The highly challenging skill-based gameplay reduces opportunities for unfair play, bot activity, and pay-to-win situations.

Key Features

Free to play

Wild Forest is free to play. No wallet, prior blockchain experience, or initial investment is required to start playing. Players get to the game immediately and gradually learn about the blockchain through a guided onboarding process.

Player onboarding

Our main focus is to build a smooth onboarding to attract a wider audience from traditional gaming. By eliminating the entry barrier, we open up the game for the player from PC, mobile, and console markets by releasing the game to those platforms.

Balanced economy

The Wild Forest token is the key component of the player’s progression, giving very exact utility and predicted demand. The other important component is free-to-play monetization loops. Additionally, a big portion of rewards is earned through play in the form of NFTs. Consistent demand for the NFTs created by players of all levels fuels a players-driven economy. Wild Forest token is used as an incentive and not as a direct reward of play.

Superb user experience

Wild Forest aims to set higher standards for web3 gaming by reducing blockchain interaction friction for the player with simple solutions for complex things, intuitive design, and guided tutorials.

Competitive gameplay

The skill-based nature of the game reduces unfair play, the pay-to-win model, and fraud activities. It also adds a fun competitive layer and opens up opportunities for content creation, streams, and cyber-sports tournaments.

Sensible web3

We have great reasoning behind all our blockchain components. We don’t use it just for the sake of calling our game a web3. With player ownership over the in-game items, true player governance, an open economy, and real economic incentives, we build a challenging and fun environment for players.

Team with a track record

To build a successful web3 game, the team has to be capable of building a successful game, to begin with. Blockchain adds more difficulties, so the team should have a solid background with commercially successful games for better chances. The team behind Wild Forest has built 6 award-winning games and released them to PC, mobile, and console platforms.