Deck building

A player's battle Deck is the core element for both action and metagame. The Deck may include Units and Spell cards, represented by the NFT. There are 3 tiers of cards. A full Deck is formed of 7 cards: three tier-1 cards, three tier-2 cards, and one tier-3 card. A player must have at least one card in the Deck to play.
During the battle, players can spawn and deploy only Units or Spells from the Deck.
The metagame for the player is to build the best Deck (or Decks in the late game). To achieve this goal, players can:
  • collect new cards,
  • upgrade existing cards,
  • balance the Deck with the cards based on synergy.
Counter-Unit balance and Unit types bring a lot of tactical variety to the battlefield. As players progress through the game, they constantly improve and rebuild their Decks.
Wild Forest will launch with about 20 unique Unit cards at the beginning, and new Units added to the game every battle season. So players will end up constantly rebalancing their Decks to adjust for the changes.

Units and Spells cards

All Spells and Units are represented by cards. Every player receives a set of default cards when creating a new account. Default cards act the same as NFT cards in the game but can’t be transferred, traded, upgraded, or sold. Default cards guarantee players access to the battles. At the beginning of the game or after selling all the NFTs at any given time, there will always be a Deck to play.
Most of the Units and Spells cards NFTs are collected as rewards from the game. Additionally, cards can be purchased on limited NFT sales and bought on the marketplace from other players.
Every player receives random card NFTs as rewards. This encourages players to trade cards they find for the cards they need and simulates market activity. Also, cards are used for upgrades, so every player creates a consistent demand for the cards.

Collect Units and Spells cards

The game offers different ways to receive new Units and Spells:
  • a default set of cards granted to all new players,
  • earn cards NFT as an in-game reward,
  • trade cards NFT on the market from other players,
  • purchase cards in limited NFT sales,
  • win in Special events and in-game activities.

Card Upgrade

Players can upgrade a Unit or Spell card by leveling up and ranking up.

Card Level-up

Level-up is an in-game action that increases the card's stats. Level-up requires card shards and $FGLD in-game currency. A Unit or Spell level is capped by its rarity. The higher the rarity, the higher the maximum card’s level.

Card Rank-up

Rank-up is an on-chain web3 action that increases the card’s rarity. Rarity defines stats multiplicator, so higher rarity cards of the same level will be more powerful in battle. Rarity also increases the card level cap.
There are 5 rarity ranks, with the highest being Legendary:
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Starting from Epic, each rank-up unlocks one random perk of the card. The Epic card has one perk, and the Legendary card has two. Perks are generated randomly each time a player ranks up to Epic or Legendary.
Rank up requires merging several cards of the same rarity and $WF currency to get one card of the higher rarity. Cards used in the merge get burnt. $WF is partially burnt and partially distributed between ecosystem funds for future in-game rewards and development.
See Economy for more details

Units Synergy

A strong and balanced Deck is not necessarily about collecting the most powerful Units or Spells and upgrading them to their max. It is critical to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each card and find synergies. With the initial collection of 20 unique cards, there are billions of possible deck combinations. It opens up multiple layers for players, content creators, communities, cyber sports, and many more.
Players will be looking for the best strategies. Pro players will be setting the deck trends. Streamers will have challenging, unpredictable content that is fun to watch.
With seasonal updates, each new Unit introduced to the game may affect the existing strategies and cause a re-balance of the player’s Decks. This alone brings multiple new dimensions to the game mechanics. E.g., the new Unit card NFT will have a higher value.

Strategies and Deck Archetypes

A player's goal is to find the most effective strategies to overpower the opponent. In top Leagues, the best players create their own strategies and test Decks with different cards.
Late-game activities like Clan Wars, Raids, and Challenges will require more than one Deck for effective play, encouraging players to develop and upgrade more than 7 cards for a single Deck.