Our solution

Despite mass attention to the emerging Web3 market, there is a limited number of games solving mentioned issues. With Wild Forest, our main goal is to solve both free-to-play and play-to-earn challenges.
An involving game from industry experts
Wild Forest was developed by a team with years of experience in the gaming industry. We know how to make engaging and balanced games for different platforms. When creating Wild Forest, we focused first on the game's quality. Playtests and feedback from the early community helped us ensure the highest quality of the gameplay. We are building a skill-based game where everyone is protected from cheating and exploits, and players' main strength will be their skills.
Free to play
We require no upfront investment or experience in playing P2E games. The player is immediately immersed in the game without wasting time on additional setup or preparation.
Players onboarding We pay great attention to new players, especially those unfamiliar with blockchain or NFT. Clear tutorials and guides, transparent rewards and incentives, and an active community make the first-time player experience as smooth as possible.
Balanced economy
In Wild Forest, all in-game currencies are circled in the core loop and have strong utility in the gameplay. We create balanced monetization cycles, introduce multiple types of NFTs for different game components, and monitor the emission of in-game currencies. We have developed a testing system for additional economy balancing.