Wild Forest is a single-screen RTS game. The action phase of the game is a fast-paced PvP battle with Units' direct control.
Two players capture the territories, build structures and an army and try to destroy each other's main base. Each player brings 7 Unit cards to the battle. Each card has a Unit representation in the game with its type, stats, and abilities. Each unit has a counter, so the deck building has a strategic impact on the game outcome.
The deckbuilding is the metagame that provides incredible strategical variability. Deckbuilding includes collecting cards from the game, upgrading the existing cards, and experimenting with the combinations that work the best. The game opens up multiple angles for the various game modes, activities, and events that keep players engaged on many levels and help to build a strong community.
Players earn rewards in the form of digital assets (tokens and NFTs) as well as in-game items needed to progress in the game. Tokens and NFTs are traded on the secondary market between the players. It opens up opportunities for true player ownership over the in-game items, personal skills monetization from leaderboards, and other in-game activities. It may create earning opportunities for players