Wild Forest is created by a core team of Zillion Whales, a game studio founded in 2013 with a passion for real-time strategy games. Our team successfully released multiple award-winning games to Steam, mobile, and consoles.
Wild Forest (in development since Dec 2020)
An RTS with unique single-screen gameplay. DevGamm Best Mobile Game Nominee.
Mushroom Wars 2
Sequel of our hit RTS game. Was released in 2016, currently in LiveOps (6 years). Over 15M installs. Multiple awards including AppStore Best Game 2016 & 2017, Indie Prize Best Multiplayer Game, Metacritic score 76, DevGamm Best Mobile Game
Mushroom Wars: Space!
2015 - Mushroom Wars original game addon
Mushroom Wars
2013 Ported to Mobile, Steam, PS3. Metacritic score 80
Road Smash 1 & 2
2014 - 15M organic installs
First Wood War
2013 - First RTS game