What is play-to-earn

Play to Earn (P2E) games are games where players are incentivized (through monetary means) via elements of blockchain technology. This technology allows the creation of digital assets that can be owned by players directly. Those assets have value in the community and can be sold, bought, or transferred.
Play-to-earn is a relatively new gaming model. But it’s already showing massive benefits for both developers and players. It opens up opportunities to build open economy systems. Players can own and trade digital assets, gaining access to previously unseen earning and investment opportunities.
Digital assets give developers additional tools and mechanics to build more sophisticated game systems. It takes players’ motivation to a new level and creates multiple game scenarios. Players can “farm” for profit, compete for the leaderboards, play clan activities, and lease or rent their assets.
Additionally, it’s one of the easiest ways to convert people to blockchain users. So it’s a key driver to mass adoption.