Economy modeling

To test our hypotheses and balance the economy, we use economic modeling as one of the tools. We test and constantly adjust the size and frequency of rewards, the economy loops, and the balance of all in-game activities.

We build an open economy where players own their progress. They can sell it and cash out any time, or stay in the game and benefit from those assets in multiple ways. Furthermore, we try to protect the player from painful problems and challenges of existing games, such as pay-to-win cases, unfair behavior, bots, abuse or multi-accounting

There is a roadmap of a 4 years loop, and economic modeling is an essential tool to validate it. We realize that no model can accurately envision a real-life scenario. Market conditions also significantly impact any web3 project. So we use economy modeling to identify basic patterns. We use multiple extra tools to validate and improve the game balance iteratively.

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