Wild Forest is a web3 single-screen real-time strategy game featuring an open and healthy economy with fun and competitive gameplay.
Play-to-earn model helps to solve major free-to-play challenges by providing incentives for the players. At the same time, play-to-earn benefits from free-to-play monetization loops, onboarding, and fun gameplay. The entry threshold should be reduced dramatically to attract the traditional gaming market. The conversion rate for non-blockchain users is discouragingly low, so the games need to redesign the player’s interactions with them in a much more friendly way. This opens up a huge potential to attract a massive gaming market. This is the important reason why Wild Forest is free to play.
Our major focus is to create a friendly environment for the player and reduce any friction. No prior blockchain background nor investment is required to start playing and earning rewards. This means that in Wild Forest players can progress in the game with no investment at all and compensate for it with the time they spend in the game.
Wild Forest token is the only on-chain token, and its utility is deeply integrated with the player progression. Wild Forest introduces addictive and competitive gameplay. Player ownership over the in-game assets creates an exciting experience and opportunities for a player-driven economy, while Wild Forest provides a balanced incentives and rewards system to drive player’s activity. We aim to significantly improve the onboarding for non-blockchain players and set higher standards for web3 gaming.
Wild Forest is free to play. It doesn't require an initial investment or blockchain background to start playing. We aim to simplify the onboarding process and make it accessible for traditional players from pc, mobile, and consoles. Once players stick to the game, they will be gradually exposed to the play-to-earn metagame and learn the blockchain.The play-to-earn
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